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We provide high quality toilet and kitchen rolls designed with the right balance of strength and softness for an effective clean.

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We are Kaylux Group Cameroon, a tissue paper making business

Based in Douala, Cameroon, Kaylux Group was established in 2017 to supply high quality toilet and kitchen paper to various socio economic groups in the Cameroonian market.

Today we have set ourselves as one of the best quality toilet and kitchen paper manufacturing in Cameroon, and firmly believe our passion and drive will help build and develop Africa.

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Omega is our Premium most luxurious toilet paper made with the latest technology. This product is made with 100% pure virgin Pulp and is 2ply. Omega comes in single packs and in packs of 4 rolls.


Mola is our Luxurious brand which is good for home, hotels, and different events venues. Mola is made of virgin pulp and is 2 ply. This product comes in single wrap packs, packs of 6 or bulk packs of 48 rolls.


What our clients say

Amandine Tchuente

Toilet paper is something we use every day so it should perform well.  I don't like thin sheets that aren't absorbent and tend to fall apart.  Omega is soft and absorbent at a great price and the roll lasts forever cause you don't need much.  It's cheaper than some other brands but just as good.

Polycarpe Momo

I live with a huge family of seven and I can proudly say that this has lasted me about a month and it is really affordable unlike many other toilet brands. I do recommend it. If you were looking forward into buying another toilet paper I do recommend this brand and it is really soft does not take so much.

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Kaylux Group

  • BP 15072 Douala - Cameroon
  • contact@kayluxgroup.com
  • +237-2266-5079
  • +237-679-458-068
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Luc Ngassam

President and CEO

Kayla Ngassam

Administrative & Financial Manager

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